Award for creativity, design and emerging talent: Laus Aporta-Banco Sabadell Foundation, ADI Medals and Habitácola

During the evening of the Laus awards, celebrated on Friday 10th June, one of the most prestigious awards was awarded, the III Laus Aporta – Fundación Banco Sabadell, an award which values projects which are characterised by their social, economic or cultural contribution. This year the award was presented for ‘Cenizas’ [Ashes] at the McCann Madrid studio for the following video:

Also, during the evening of the Laus awards, the Laus Aporta – Banco Sabadell Foundation award was awarded to students for their project ‘Think, the veggie ink’, by Eva Vesikansa from the IDEP school in Barcelona. Veggie ink is an alternative brand of screen printing ink, which is produced from 100% vegetable materials, without any additives or toxins. It was awarded the prize for being an experimental, innovative, ecological and sustainable project which contemplates going back to the origins.


Another award was presented by the Foundation to Medallas ADI whose objective is to foster and incentivise design culture. The award ceremony, held on June 9th, was attended by the Chairman of the Foundation, Miquel Molins.


In total 3 medals were awarded to young professionals who have recently graduated, in the following categories:

-ADI Gold Medal for the project ‘Plow 2.7’ designed by Roc Miranda i Fuentes, graduate of ESDi (Escuela Superior de Diseño) [School of Art and Design]. The product is an extendable shovel which breaks away from the traditional form of shovels. The project is based on an ergonomic rethinking of the use of the product, as the design includes two handles, which can be used in three different positions to reduce the physical effort required during rescues, and also for time optimisation.


-ADI Silver Medal for ‘Drain-Wi’ by Cristóbal Carabante Sánchez, graduate of the Escuela Municipal de Arte y Diseño Terrassa. Drain-Wi is an ergonomic system used to wring microfibre cloths, designed to resolve health problems created by the intensive, professional use of these products. It means that less force is required, thus avoiding the necessity for forceful movements.DRAIN-Wi_imagen_2

-ADI Bronze Medal for ‘Glop’ by Berta Julià Sala, graduate of ELISAVA (Escuela Superior de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona) [Barcelona School of Design and Engineering], for her collection of 5 containers which can be used for a wide variety of purposes thanks to their low rigidity. By simply pressing down on the containers their shape changes, and with that, their use.Glop_imagen_1

Lastly, on June 8th the Premios Habitácola were awarded to the best projects on the use of Rooftop Terraces. The awards were presented to ‘Cooperativas’ [Cooperatives] by Carla Llorca, Laia Ballester and Cristina Reig from EASD Deià, in which they propose to create a process through which to recover the highest amount of rooftop terraces possible.

And the other award winning project was ‘Get in line’ by Cristina Sobrado Romero, Natalia Posada and Sergio Lobato from Escuela Massana. Their project offers an environmental and social alternative that creates a green corridor within an ecological infrastructure in Barcelona. The objective is to link the Ciutadella park with Montjuic, through the rooftop terraces, creating green spaces which positively benefit relationships within the community.