‘Ideas+Innovatives 2016’ competition now open at Florida Universitaria

Until August 29th, recent university graduates, final year university students, entrepreneurs and businessmen and women who have new and innovative ideas can enter this competition.

This new edition of the ‘Ideas+Innovatives 2016’ organised by Florida Universitaria, CEEI Valencia, as well as Asociación Jóvenes Empresarios de Valencia (AJEV) and Banco Sabadell Foundation has the objective of promoting the culture of innovation, strengthening the development of new projects inside and outside of organisations, and creating more awareness of the abilities and opportunities available for innovation in the current environment.

Through this competition very young people are motivated to think about and generate ideas which are orientated towards a future of opportunities, leading to innovative ideas. The competition also aims to boost the creation and development of new activities and business lines, in addition to supporting the innovators in transforming their idea into a business opportunity, and assisting them with their business plans.

Out of all the participants only 10 “Innovative Ideas” will be selected as the finalists of the competition, they will present and defend their ideas. The objective of the award is to help develop the idea, converting it into an opportunity, analysing its viability and developing the project.


Who is the competition aimed at?

The competition is mainly aimed at recent university graduates, or final year university students, entrepreneurs and businessmen and women who have new ideas that they want to develop by themselves or within their organisations.

What type of ideas should they be?

The ideas must be feasible, which is to say they must physically be able to be developed, for example products or services in the market. They must be new ideas or improve products or services that already exist. They can be business or professional activities in which there is room for opportunity, or business ideas in mature sectors which fulfil needs that up until now have been left unfulfilled.

Competition deadline

The deadline for entries is August 29th, you can apply through the Florida Universitaria website. On September 30th the 10 pre-selected ideas will be presented, and evaluated by the Panel, who will select the award winners in order of preference. The final decision will be notified at the beginning of October.