More than 50 exhibitions at the Festival ‘Revela-T’ for analog photography.

The fifth edition of this festival will be held from 19-28 May in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona.

The analog photography festival ‘Revela-T’ offers more than 50 exhibitions by national and international photographers and gallerists. Throughout the festival, it is possible to participate in activities such as talks, demonstrations, screenings, and workshops, all with the purpose of making the public aware of the importance of analog photography in the world of art and culture.

Amongst these fifty exhibitions, selected from almost 250 entries in the world, the following stand out: Kazuma Obara, Munemasa Takahashi, Manabu Yamanaka, Juanan Requena, Estrella de Castro, Albarrán & Cabrera, Tagomago Collectors, Eduardo Momeñe, Jordi Esteva, Pam/Plossu and Peter de Graaf.

The workshops will be held at Escuela Fotoespai CBI in Barcelona, associated with the festival. The following workshops particularly stand out: ‘Daguerrotipo Becqueral’, about glass, a workshop which is hosted by Camilo Sabogal, from Colombia. Another recommended workshop is about the secrets of blueprinting, thanks to Lux Darkoom, or for example the workshop ‘La Práctica Fotográfica’ hosted by Eduardo Momeñe, who is one of the most famous one of the most famous photography theoreticians in Spain.

Furthermore, during the weekend of 26-29 May, a trade fair will be held, famous brands in the sector will be there, and it will also be possible to buy materials, whilst in the market works can be purchased directly from the author, as well as books from several different publishing companies, as well as finding out more information about the programmes offered by different photography schools.

Regarding the schedule for the screening of the documentaries, you can watch ‘Socotra, la isla de los genios’ by Jordi Esteva; ‘Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures’ by Fenton Balley and Randt Barbato, among others. Amongst the talks which are scheduled, the ‘Técnica holográfica’ with Pepe Buitrago and Narcís Rovira stands out, as well as ‘En torno a la creación y la práctica fotográfica’ with Eduardo Momeñe & Estela de Castro; and ‘¿Se puede vivir de la Fotografía?’ with Cristóbal Benavente, Juanan Requena, Fernando Percacho and Fuji.