More than 400 professionals meet at Foro Demos, the first event for foundations and civil society groups.

This Tuesday, 28 November, we are participating in a day of events especially for Foundations and civil society with ‘Foro Demos’, an event which will bring together more than 400 professionals and 70 speakers to share projects, experience and to identify collaboration opportunities. More than 40 participatory activties have been organised in different formats, including project presentations and innovative experiences, debates, sectoral work groups, meetings with renowned professionals, advisory services, networking activities…

This edition of Foro Demos includes important topics which are the relevant to sector professionals. From fundraising to communication to presence in the media, digital tools, assessment of the impact or professionalisation in the sector.

More than 70 renowned and prestigious speakers will participate in this edition of Foro de Fundaciones, such as the politician Javier Solana, lawyer Antonio Garrigues, cyber-security expert Chema Alonso, chef Ferran Adrià, athlete Chema Martínez, filmaker Javer Fesser, scientist, professor and politician Federico Mayor Zaragoza, and Sonia Mulero, Deputy Director of Banco Sabadell Foundation.

You can view the full schedule of events by clickinghere.