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More than 1,700 engineering students take part in the VII Formula Student Spain

The Sociedad de Técnicos de Automoción (STA) [Spanish Engineers Association] is organising the seventh edition of the Formula Student Spain with the participation of 70 international teams, composed of 1,750 engineering students from 14 different countries.

This competition aims to promote excellence in engineering studies. During the year, all of the participants work on the design and construction of a race car, which shall be tested on its efficiency, business plan and all of the engineering work behind the prototype.

During the course of the competition, the Formula Student teams are evaluated both at a theoretical and practical level. They are required to show their knowledge and management capacity, from the construction of the car to a marketing plan or economic planning. In this manner FSS 2016 promotes talent amongst young engineers from all over the world, as the competition includes aspects of the automotive industry including the investigation, design, manufacture, tests, development, marketing, administration and finance.


More about the participants

During these four days the students will apply theory to real experiences. All participants will be coming from the best universities from up to 14 countries: Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Estonia, Poland, United Kingdom, Austria and Spain.

This year there has been an increase in the participation of national universities. In 2010 the Formula Student Spain began with six Spanish teams, and six years later, its presence has significantly increased with it now having 22 teams.

The Spanish teams which will participate in this edition are as follows:

-ETSEIB Motorsport

-e-Tech Racing

-Formula uc3m

-Tecnun SEED Racing

-ImpulsEracing Formula Student Team

-Vilanova Formula Team

-Formula Student Bizkaia

-Dynamics UPC Manresa

-UPCT Racing Team

-Formula Student Cantabria

-Tecnun Motorsport

-UVigo Motorsport

-UJI Motorsport FS Team

-ARUS Andalucía Racing

-Nebrija RACING

-Fórmula URJC

-UPC ecoRacing


-UdG Racing Team

-Formula UEM


-UPM Racing