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Interview ‘Youth with future in the US’ “The technology ecosystem in New York is one of a kind, the chance to work here was an opportunity that I simply had to take”

Until 30th April, the StepOne programme ‘Youth with Future USA’ in which the Foundation is a collaborating party, has launched a call aimed at recent Spanish engineering graduates to offer them a chance to showcase their talent in some of the top tech companies in the US.

We have spoken to young people who have taken part in the programme, asking them to share their experiences with us. One of the people we spoke to was Jorge García, an industrial engineer from Madrid who is currently working at Splash, a tech company in New York…


The technology ecosystem in New York is one of the most important ecosystems of its kind in the world today. Tell us about your experience so far.

I have to say that it’s true, the ecosystem and everything about this place is one of a kind. There is a huge number of start-ups and countless Meetups (events/meetings between developers and other professionals addressing a specific theme) in which knowledge is shared among the entire community. These are exciting times, many people are investing in technology; tech companies, both start-ups and large enterprises, are creating products that are already changing the world.

What did you do before moving to the US and what do you do now at Splash?

I was happy where I worked before moving here in Autumn 2016, but the opportunity to come to the US and work with extremely talented people on really interesting and highly innovative projects was an opportunity that I simply had to take. As soon as I saw that I had a chance to come here that was it, I didn’t think twice.

Now in Splash I am involved in various projects. Working on these projects is a truly incredible experience! I am working with extremely professional people who have big ideas, but what I like the most is that everyone is working on the same thing, and it doesn’t matter what department you’re from. We approach ideas from our different perspectives, and we each contribute our vision in order to ensure that the project is good for the company. Working as a team in this way is very effective.

What will you take away from your experience with Youth with Future?

Working in the US with extremely talented people, working on such interesting projects and being immersed in a work culture that focuses more on the product and on working as quickly as possible is helping me to grow professionally at an incredible pace. For now the company is happy with me and I am happy with them, so we have extended my work placement and I will be here for at least one more year, and I’m really happy about that!