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‘Outside ridicule: analysis of caricatures’, series of conferences at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid

The Real Asociación de Amigos of the Reina Sofía Museum has called a series of conferences on the mysterious and unsettling history of caricatures. The history of caricatures from the late eighteenth century, when great but little-known artists such as Rowlandson, Cruiksahnk and Gillray, and their involvement in the European conflict will be examined. The contribution of Goya in this field will also be discussed, as well as other influential artists from the nineteenth century, starting with Daumier and ending with the great caricaturists of the twentieth century.

For further information, watch this video, which gives an overview of the key content.

Conference schedule

Conferences are given by specialists in this artistic genre, considered one of the most significant genres, together with beauty, sublime, sinister and tragic genres.

Wednesday 27 April: ‘William Hogarth’, with Javier Docampo, head of the Library, Archive and Documentation Department of the Prado Museum.

Wednesday 4 May: ‘Honoré Daumier’, with Luis Puelles Romero, tenured professor of Arts Aesthetics and Theory in the University of Malaga.

Monday 9 May: ‘Francisco de Goya’, with Valeriano Bozal, art historian.

Monday 19 May: ‘La caricatura en la España de la República’, (‘Caricatures in the Spanish Republic’) with Andrés Trapiello, writer.

Wednesday 25 May: ‘La herencia recibida’ (‘Our legacy’), with José Lebrero Stals, artistic director at the Picasso Museum in Malaga.