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The recital at Medina del Campo, a homage to Federico García Lorca

Over the next few days Medina del Campo will become the epicentres of music with the twentieth edition of the ‘Semana Internacional de la Música’. An edition that has paid homage to the poet Federico García Lorca given the imminent 80th anniversary of his death by means of the artists taking party, such as the soprano Ainhoa Arteta, the pianist Iván Martín, the violinist Ara Malikian, amongst others. A recital, that this year is supported by the Banco Sabadell Foundation.

Chief among the musical offerings of this Week is the performance of the Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y León with a repertory of soundtracks of films such as ‘Psycho’ (Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock), ‘Schindler’s List (Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg) or ‘La Vita è Bella, Roberto Benigni.