The Barcelona LOOP Festival ‘revises’ the past to understand the future

This video art festival, which is known throughout Europe, will take place in Barcelona until Friday 27 May.

This year, the Barcelona LOOP Festival pays homage to the pioneers of video art through exhibitions, informal chats, meetings and screenings. In the final stage of the festival, Loop Fair will once again occupy rooms at the Catalonia Ramblas hotel on May 25th and 26th, bringing together artists, collectors and institutions to share the latest trends in the world of video art. Over a two-day period, they will screen works from 45 galleries throughout the world to share the main forms of critical thinking and research explored by artists. Loop Fair chooses hotel rooms to project video art in order to offer a unique viewing space and a different experience in an environment which focuses on artists’ work.

This year, the Foundation is collaborating with this festival once again, to offer the public a chance to get to know more about the practice involving moving images – video art.

After 15 years, the festival is bringing together important artists who helped create the genre from the 1960s, 70s and 80s, including Eugenia Balcells, David Hall, Beryl Korot, Chip Lord, Mary Lucier, Antoni Muntadas, Nam June Paik, Carles Pujol, Steina y Woody Vasulka, Peter Weibel and Andy Warhol, amongst others.




  • High res. Marina Núñez. The fire of vision (César). 2015. RocioSantaCruz.

  • Olivia Mihaltianu. Film métrage. 2016. Anca Poterasu

  • Peter Weibel_Video Lumina_Mies van der Rohe

  • Beryl Korot_Dachau_MUHBA

  • Anne-Charlotte Finel. La Crue. 2016. Galerie Jousse Entreprise