Call now open to select 10 artists aged under 35

Projects can be submitted between 2nd and 5th May 2017 (inclusive).

Once again this year, the call is open for the painting and photography competition ART<35 2017, which seeks to select artists to take part in an exhibition focused on projects by young people which will take place in September. The competition, arranged by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, is being held with the collaboration of the Sala Parés and the Trama Gallery, supported by the Foundation. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage the professional relationship between young artists and the world of art galleries and entities which promote exhibitions.

In total, 10 artists under the age of 35 will be selected to exhibit their projects: paintings or photographs prepared using any of their techniques. Three-dimensional works which are permitted by the project rules can also be submitted, i.e. works intended to be supported or hung on a wall and based on photography or pictorial techniques. The exhibition will consist of five pieces by each of the selected artists and will be held in the Sala Parés and the Trama Gallery between 5th and 26th September 2017.

Check out the competition rules here.