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Call open for 4 training grants for researchers at the University of San Jorge

The University of San Jorge is offering 4 training grants for researchers in order to strengthen research training among alumni from the university. The Foundation is collaborating with these grants to encourage and support training in innovation and different scientific fields.

This is an opportunity for graduates wishing to join a research team to continue their training. The grants will be valid for 24 months during which the 4 awarded candidates will also have a change to study a Masters degree at that University. The deadline for submitting applications is 22 July 2016.

The selected candidates will focus on contributing to the development of research carried out by the group to which they are allocated; they will take part in activities such as marketing campaigns, training courses, preparing conferences or events within the framework of their research group and they will take part in a programme for a University Masters or Doctorate degree.


More information about the grants

Aimed at. Graduates with undergraduate degrees, foundation degrees or engineering diplomas issued by the University of San Jorge during the 2014-2015 or 2015-2016 academic years.

Deadline for submitting applications. All required documents must be submitted electronically at the email address on the 22 July 2016 at the very latest.

Start date for the grant. The selected candidate for the grant will start the programme on 15 September 2016 or at a later date indicated by the tutor provided they give reasonable grounds for starting at a later date.

Conclusion and posting of results. The results of the call will be published within 15 calendar days from the application submission deadline (22 July 2016) by the Transfer and Research Office (OTRI) on the research website of the University of San Jorge. Selected candidates will receive an email sent to the address indicated in the application form.

For further information and to download documents, click here.