#ConLaCultura – ‘Contemporary art in Spain and good practices’; ‘Science and Art’ at the ‘City and Science of Barcelona’ biennial; ‘Joan Brossa & Alain Arias-Misson: De la poesía a la palabra; de la palabra a la calle’ at Niemeyer; and ‘Floridablanca, la sombra del rey’, in Murcia

An event to reflect on contemporary art and good practices

On Thursday February 7th, the Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo (Institute of Contemporary Art) is holding: ‘El arte contemporáneo en España y las buenas prácticas’ (‘Contemporary art in Spain and good practices’). This event will invite you to reflect on contemporary art in the context of cultural politics, good management practices and the management of cultural institutions, among other topics.

‘Células sobre lienzo’, science meets art at the Biennial

Until Monday February 11th, Barcelona will be hosting the ‘Biennal Ciudad i Ciencia’, with free activities at over 60 locations throughout the city aimed at all audiences (science workshops, chats and exhibitions). These activities include the exhibition ‘Célula sobre lienzo’ which can be visited at the Palau Robert. The exhibition displays images of real brain tissue taken using various microscopic techniques.

‘De la poesía a la palabra; de la palabra a la calle’ en el Centro Niemeyer

Until May 5th, the Centro Niemeyer in Asturias is holding the exhibition ‘Joan Brossa & Alain Arias-Misson. De la poesía a la palabra; de la palabra a la calle’. This exhibition displays close to a hundred works by both artists that explore the intellectual and creative relationship between Brossa and the Belgian poet Arias-Misson. The exhibition, which aims to pay homage to Joan Brossa and the poetic and artistic perception of art, is about words, about converting poetry into something more tangible, about the public and private realities defined by both Brossa and Arias-Misson.

‘Floridablanca, la sombra del rey’ in Murcia

Until April 28th, the Palacio del Almudí and Sala Verónicas in Murcia will be holding the exhibition ‘Floridablanca, la sombra del rey’ (Floridablanca, in the king’s shadow) which recreates the imaginarium portrayed in the works from the time of Floridablanca. The exhibition will display close to 300 works of art, including paintings by Goya, Mengs, Batoni, Tiépolo, Maella and Bayeu. The number of art pieces alone makes this one of the largest exhibitions in recent years dedicated to Charles III and eighteenth century Spain.