#ConLaCultura – ‘Beehave’, where are the bees?; ‘#UtopiaMarkets de poesía’

#beehaveBCN, an exhibition to get to know bees better

Where are the bees? The exhibition ‘Beehave’ is hosted by Fundació Joan Miró, and it is a project which includes the participation of contemporary artists through their installations and works which invited us onto a journey of the senses to get to know more about the world of bees. One of the objectives of this exhibition is to educate us so we can get to know these insects better. This exhibition can be visited until 17 June.

#UtopiaMarkets de poesía

For three days, from 4th-6th May, Utopía126 is hosting a new edition of UtopiaMarkets on poetry, in which publishing companies, poets and artists will create an independent market where authors can sell their works and the public can get to know them.

The aim of the market is to offer the general public the chance to directly interact with the author of the works. There will also be spaces for all types of activities relating to poetry: performances, workshops, discussions, exchange of ideas and or any other type of artistic meeting.