‘Beehave’ shows us the vital importance of bees

The Joan Miró Foundation brings you ‘Beehave’, an exhibition that showcases the important role played by bees, seeking to educate and foster greater knowledge of these insects, thus broadening the boundaries of our perception. This project features close to 60 works by 24 contemporary artists from 10 different nationalities. Most of these are new works of art that take many forms, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, interventions, multimedia installations and performances. You can see the exhibition until May 20th.

Between March and June, Beehave will also be held in Barcelona, and the exhibition will include a number of different events and interventions focusing on the important role that honey bees and may other pollinating insects play in protecting biodiversity.

Beehave features works by artists including: Joan Bennàssar, Luis Bisbe, Alfonso Borragán, Joana Cera, Gemma Draper, GOIG (Pol Esteve & Miquel Mariné) & Max Celar, Vadim Grigoryan & Marcos Lutyens, Jerónimo Hagerman, Marine Hugonnier, Anne Marie Maes, Melliferopolis (Ulla Taipale & Christina Stadlbauer), Joan Miró, Anna Moreno, Àlex Muñoz & Xavi Manzanares, Luis Fernando Ramírez Celis, Toni Serra (Abu Ali), Ulla Taipale, Andrés Vial, Pep Vidal and Philip Wiegard.