Art and heritage in the cycle of concerts ‘Las piedras cantan’

MusaE, ‘Las piedras cantan’, promoted by Fundación Santa María la Real del Patrimonio Histórico and sponsored by Banco Sabadell Foundation, has the objective of dynamising art and heritage through music, helping to develop the careers of young performers and promoting places of significant historical interest.

To fulfil this objective, a total of six concerts will be held at places of historic interest. Prior to each concert there will be a guided tour of the venue hosting the concert, and all of the activities are open entry and free to attend, until the venue is full.

Upcoming concerts

-16th July: ‘Cello Barroco’ with Amarilis Dueñas at the San Martín de Tours church (Salamanca). Born in Valladolid, she has played her three instruments-modern violoncello, baroque violoncello and viola da gamba at different concerts all over the world, including Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Argelia and Peru


-23rd July: ‘Piano’ with Andrey Yaroshinsky at the Santa María la Real church (Aranda de Duero). Born in Kiev (Ukraine), this young pianist was born in 1986. In 2009 he graduated with the highest honours from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, where he had been taught by Vera Gornostaeva. He has already won several awards at international competitions in Athens, Prague, Ukraine, Poland, Warsaw, Valencia or Madrid.

-31st July: Camarata JOL performing in the square next to the Colegiata and at the Santa María Monastery (Aguilar del Campo, Palencia). The Joven Orquesta Leonesa was formed in October 2014 with the objective of only performing with bowed string instruments, and giving young instrumentalists another opportunity to work together and improve their musical skills. The orchestra is currently formed of 18 young people.

-3rd August ‘Canto y guitarra’ with Adriana Viñuelo (soprano) and Víctor Martínez (guitar) at the Santa María la Real monastery (Aguilar del Campo, Palencia). The repertoire of these young and talented performers will be based on Mauro Giuliani, Fernando Sor, Joaquín Rodrigo, Roberto Plá, Agustín Barrios and Federico García Lorca.

-15th October ‘Canto y guitarra’ with Caridad Vega and Yeray Cortés at the Abadía Retuerta monastery (Sardón de Duero, Valladolid). Through their program ‘ConSentidos’ these two young people will perform the different varieties of flamenco: tona, bulerías, fandangos, tangos, tanguillos…