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‘Año Murillo’ kicks off at the Maestranza theatre in Seville

On Tuesday, 28 november at 20:30h Año Murillo kicks off with a retro music concert with Jordi Savall at the Maestranza theatre in Seville, a performance which is supported by Banco Sabadell Foundation. Jordi Savall will explain the birth of the painter, Velázquez’s journey to Madrid, his journey to the capital of Murillo, his first important works, his marriage to Beatriz de Cabrera and the plague epidemic, amongst others. To do so, the viola da gamba player will perform, together with the Capella Real de Catalunya and Hesèrion XXI a programme inspired by the life and the time in Murillo.

Throughout 2018, ‘Murillo and Seville. 400 years since the birth of a universal painter’ offers a broad cultural schedule of activities to commemorate the painter. These activities include eight exhibitions, two routes through Seville concerts and music cycles, audio-visual programmes, promotional activities and a large international conference which will show the value of Murillo in the best way possible, in the same city in which he lived and painted.