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‘Amphitryon’, the artistic residency programme of Azkuna Zentroa

This year we have joined forces with Azkuna Zentroa in ‘Amphitryon’, an artistic residency programme aimed at fostering the production of artistic works in order to bring them closer to citizens. One of the objectives of this programme is to help artists through their creative process. To this end, it is divided into two categories: artistic practice and contemporary dance.

Miriam Isasi, a young Basque artist taking part in the artistic practice residency is working on a project called ‘Terreno de juego’, which aims to generate discourse from nods to anthropology, history, memory and activism, seeking out legal loopholes and boundaries by creating installations with an ironic tone of social criticism. It is a project which aims to understand faith.

Natalia de Miguel, a young artist from Bilbao, will be taking part in the contemporary dance residency. She will be working on her project, ‘Clara’, where she proposes a new artistic concept: working with the human body to transform it into a work of art, into a ‘canvas’. She will shape this idea in the form of an installation: her exposed and static body, with the aim of creating confusion among the public, to make them wonder whether they are contemplating a real person or a painting.