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Agenda for the weekend of 27 May: creative talent, among the cultural events proposed by the Foundation

The Design Museum in Barcelona is holding the 16th edition of the OFFF Festival, ending tomorrow, which is the international showcase of the most avant-garde trends in graphic design, video clips, photography, cinema, advertising and editorial art. This year, 47 international artists are taking part.


Another cultural event being held in Barcelona is the Documentary Photography Festival, DOCfield 16. Over 100 photographers are exhibiting their work in 30 displays distributed in various cultural spaces of the city, showing photos on this year’s theme: ‘Europe: Lost in translation’, which invites viewers to reflect on the current situation in Europe.

Gert Verbelen
Gert Verbelen

The Big Bang Data exhibition, which has been open to the public in Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires and London, has now reached the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. It explores how the datafied world affects us all through works from various artists, designers, innovators and thinkers

big-bang-data-singapur-Lisa Jevbratt, LISA JEVBRATT