Schedule for the weekend of 18 January: cultural proposals

These are some of the cultural proposals for the weekend in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

-‘Bartolomé Bermejo’, an exhibition which allows us to look at the technical virtuosity and suggestive visual universe of Bartolomé Bermejo, a master painter from Cordoba who painted in Corona and Aragon. You can visit this exhibition until 27 January at the Prado museum in Madrid.

-‘Habitar el Mediterráneo’, is another exhibition which can be visited at IVAM. It is an exhibition which brings together a mosaic of images, antique and contemporary works…it can be visited until 14 April 2019.

-‘’Structures of identity brings together 200 images to show how photographers in different cultures and periods have used it to affirm or pass judgement on social stereotypes on gender, social class or nationality. You can visit this exhibition until 17 February at Foto Colectania, Barcelona.

-‘En la mano, la memoria’, this is a new art installation hosted by Espai 13 at the Joan Miró Foundation, created by the artist Vanesa Varela. It is a project which reflects on how memory is inherited by the body, and how our movements bind us to a more organic manner of being in the world. This exhibition can be visited until 24 March.