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Schedule weekend 12 August: music and philosophy

Our first recommendation: a concert by the Capella de Ministrers in homage to this philosopher. ‘Ramon Llull. The last pilgrimage’ commemorates 700 years since his death. The concert will be held on Sunday 14 August at the Sant Jeroni de Cotalba monastery in Valencia.


Another cultural event related to Ramon Llull is the exhibition ‘Ramon Llull. The thinking machine’, open at the Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture.

Our third recommendation is also taking place in Barcelona, at the Miró Foundation, where you can visit the exhibition ‘When lines are time’, the ‘Espai 13’ cycle of exhibitions. This exhibition by Rosana Antolí aims to give answers to questions such as: Where are we? What do we want? Do continuous movements exist? How can we extend a single movement?