6 open exhibitions! Art, photography and history

In Barcelona, there are only a few days left to visit these 3 exhibitions:

World Press Photo Barcelona, open until Sunday 11th, where you can see the best that photojournalism has to offer through 155 photos selected from the 82,951 that were submitted to the competition. The Photographic Social Vision Foundation brings this sample to Barcelona, and you can see the photos in the Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture (CCCB), which will make visitors reflect on the most notable events that took place during 2015 such as the refugee crisis and their flight to Europe, the earthquake in Nepal and the attack against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

© Francesco Zizola - In the Same Boat

© Francesco Zizola – In the Same Boat

-‘Ramón Llull. La máquina de pensar’ (Ramón Llull. The thinking machine) will also close its doors this Sunday at the CCCB. This exhibition explores the impact that Llull has had on art, literature, science and technology. It covers the influence that the work of this philosopher has had over the centuries, by combining historic documents and the most recent visions of artists who have been inspired by his work, such as David Link, Ralf Baecker and Perejaume.

‘Yo quería ser fotógrafo’, (I wanted to be a photographer), co-produced by the Foundation, which you can visit until Saturday 10th December at the Foto Colectania headquarters. This exhibition pays homage to photography, its techniques and aesthetics, through 11 contemporary projects that pay particular attention to aspects such as authorship, originality and materiality of images as a fundamental aspect in the creation of current photography.

Roger Guaus, del proyecto Jo volia ser fotògraf, 2016 © Roger Guaus

Roger Guaus, del proyecto Jo volia ser fotògraf, 2016 © Roger Guaus

‘Perdidos en la ciudad’ (Lost in the city) is another exhibition which is open to the public, and you can visit it in Valencia at the IVAM until 4th June 2017. This exhibition has some 300 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, photos and artist’s videos that will make visitors reflect and get to know different views of cities throughout the world. This exhibition aims to make cities be considered as one of the greatest metaphors of contemporary society during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Fun House, 1956. Richard Hamilton. IVAM

Fun House, 1956. Richard Hamilton. IVAM

‘Guardianes de Piedra’ (Stone Guardians) will be open until 15th January in the exhibition hall of San Juan de Dios in the Museum of Archaeology of Orihuela (Alicante). This is a travelling exhibition by MARQ tours the province of Alicante in search of stone guardians, searching for the most impressive monuments.

‘Cualquier objeto es un espacio temporal’ (Every object is a temporal space) is another exhibition currently open, until 8th January, and you can visit it at the Espai 13 in the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona, as part of the cycle ‘Pie afuera. Expediciones y diásporas’ (One Foot Out. Expeditions and Diasporas), which aims to show the work of different young talented artists. This exhibition by artist Nicolás Lamas separates the threads that are interlaced through material reality, images and virtual reality, through fifteen sculptures, photographs and videos which pairs aspects such as culture and nature, images and objects, digital information and reality.