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24 musicians from 10 different countries jump onto the #SamplerSeries stage

This Thursday, 8th February, L’Auditori is hosting a new Sampler Series concert, a concert for new music, with Klangforum Wiem, a globally renowned ensemble created by Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas, one of the best current contemporary music chamber orchestras, formed of 24 musicians from 10 different countries.

Described by Simon Rattle as one of the first masterpieces of the XXI century, ‘In Vain’ was written for the 24 musicians of Klangforum Wien. Haas immediately understood the notes offered by a piano did not represent the full scale of music which could be used. The use of microtonalities in ‘In Vain’ are perfectly audible, and the way in which Haas contrasts the use of different harmonic materials leads to the narration of the music itself, in which the rhythmic aspects are practically limited to the accelerations, decelerations and abrupt pauses which infuses the listener with the magnetism of the sound.

Haas also proposes a specific illumination for the score of In Vain: leaving the room completely dark after the first section, gradually bringing in light from the darkness, and inexorably returning to the darkness of a mystery which remains in the listener’s memory.