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10 innovative projects, finalists of 10×10 Innovation in Public Culture18

The Contemporánea Foundation is hosting10x10 Pública Innovación en Cultura, a support platform for the most innovative cultural managers, a space for cultural professionals to meet, which will be held on Thursday 25th January at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. On Thursday, the 10 projects which have been selected through an open call will have the opportunity to participate in a programme which includes networking activities and individual guidance by a team specialising in culture.

For another year, the Foundation is collaborating with this event, evaluating each one of the projects and awarding three out of the ten finalists based on the value, innovation, professionalism and viability of the cultural projects to support their implementation.

More information about the 10 finalist projects

-‘Mañana es Diverso (MeD)’, a project aimed at persons with functional abilities, which aims to offer them a work opportunity related to the world of art and culture, through social and cultural training workshops for ten months, creating a space where Art, Creation, Training, Employment, Collaboration and Culture all come together.

-‘Dantz Madrid’, is a festival which has already been celebrated in Donostia, and it is now coming to Madrid. This festival is committed to culture and aims to transform itself into an international benchmark for electronic, contemporary and experimental music, holding concerts as well as parallel activities.

-‘Poesía O Barbarie’, is a show in which each one of the 5 special guests performs an interventions lasting 13 minutes. After a short introduction, the members of the public attending the event may have a say, and when the event finishes, the microphone is opened up so that the poets may share their texts.

-‘PRISMA: Musical training days for young artists’, is a plan to train young artists, working to encourage creation in an environment which allows young bands to develop themselves in a professional environment in the music industry.

-‘Fes! Festival – Cinema and human rights’, is a project aimed at cinema and audiovisual audiences, aimed at a young audience, proposing different collaboration models between programmers, cinema enthusiasts, cultural managers and audiences.

-‘Mecenalia’, is a platform which allows cultural entities and companies or individuals to connect, with the aim of obtaining funding to bring a cultural project to life, creating a community based around the different proposals and to facilitate processes and procedures as much as possible to gain tax benefits.

-‘Bee time’, is an event held between artists and beekeepers which has been running for three years. Through these programmes we help to create a conscious and sensitive attitude, which could lead to the creation of sustainable and respectful habits by citizens.

-‘Jugar el Espacio’, is a project aimed at young children, in order for them to be included in the cultural schedule in Madrid, creating recreational-cultural centres.

-‘Clásica FM’, is the second most listened to classical radio in Spain. A digital format which brings classic musical into the reach of young people.

-‘EcoCam. Recycled photograph’, is a self-managed project which was created with the objective of obtaining a new channel of creation and an alternative development of the consumption of photography through analogue cameras created using recycled materials which come to life in the hands of Alberto Cañizares, a professional in the audiovisual sector who brings the fundamental techniques of the photography process to Madrid.