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10 artists take part in Alicante’s ‘Residencias A Quemarropa’

The third edition of Residencias A Quemarropa has been designed as an innovative model of artistic residences that aims to highlight ideas and information shared amongst professional artists. This year it is being held at the Las Cigarreras Cultural Centre, which will become a hub of learning and research for these 10 artists.

These residences move between working spaces, workshops, labs, showrooms and debate forums with a single aim: to share professional experience and to network within the sector. Most activities are open to the public, who will have the opportunity to take part in debates, portfolio viewings and other activities.

Some of the resident artists

Álvaro Chior and Cristina Spinelli: ‘the image’, its use, repercussion, memory, by-products, errors, flaws. Their work focuses on fictional creations, metalinguistic creations and the languages on which they are based, and on the relationship between these matters and different themes, both collective and individual.

Raúl Lorenzo: he works mainly with historical art images in order to decontextualize their format and content, breaking them down and isolating them from their immediate formal context and distorting them and comparing them with other types of images in different contexts. He does this by modifying the images using digital and pictorial processes.

Carolina Diego Freises: the human element is always present in her artistic work. Her photography addresses how we feel, how we relate with each other and how we change in order to adapt to an increasingly hostile and artificial environment. To this end, she takes photographs of herself and her surroundings.



This week, during the last days of these artistic residences, take part in the following activities, which are open to the public and in which everyone can take part.

Monday 25 July at 20:00h: conference at the university campus in Alicante with Pedro Guirao. This artist’s work is a cross between visual arts, sound art, performance and installations.

Wednesday 27 July at 19:30h: portfolio viewing in MACA with Juan Carlos Menchén, Lídia García Molinero, Mireia Donat Melús, Rafael Jiménez Reyes, Raúl Lorenzo Pérez.

Saturday 30 July at 20:00h: the laboratory of the Las Cigarreras Cultural Centre opens its doors to the public.