‘Seeing is Understanding’, the World Press Photo 15 Barcelona is here

134 photographs to relive highlights from 2014 such as the image of the emigrant hiding from the Guardia Civil in Melilla… Or the crudity of the migratory movement in Europe…

For the last eleven years, World Press Photo is the annual appointment in Barcelona with social, political, cultural and sports events of the past year, apart from a showcase for the best photojournalists of the moment. The absolute winner of this edition is Mads Nissen for the image portraying the intimacy of a homosexual couple in Saint Petersburg.

World Press Photo returns to Barcelona via the Fundación Photographic Social Vision and with the support of the Banco Sabadell Foundation. It will be open from 12 November to 13 December at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB).

  • Massimo Sestini

  • Bao Tailiang

  • Gianfranco Tripodo

  • Mads Nissen

  • Asa Sjostrom

  • Sarker Protick

  • Sergei Ilnitsky

  • Pete Muller