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Transformative partnerships: we organised an event to bring leaders of the cultural sector together to discuss the sector’s challenges and promote collaboration

Our country’s cultural sector is renowned for being very dynamic, as a result of constant paradigm shifts, digitalisation, and the emergence of new trends such as artificial intelligence. Taking on these challenges requires collaboration, innovative strategies and a proactive approach to seize opportunities and work together to build a better sector.

In order to create a space in which to reflect on and discuss these challenges and opportunities, the Banco Sabadell Foundation has organised its first colloquium under the theme of “Building transformative partnerships”. This initiative has offered an opportunity for fifteen leaders of some of the country’s most prominent cultural institutions to share their thoughts, discuss their experiences and lay the foundations for long-term change, through agile methodologies that enable the pursuit of new approaches through collaboration.

Cristina López, Director of the MACBA Foundation, praised the event, saying that “the experience has been very positive. One of the challenges we have discussed today is the time constraints we face, as there is very little time to stop and reflect and to determine what needs to be done in the long term.”

Julia Sánchez, CEO of the Reina Sofía School of Music, explained that “it has given me a chance to feel very connected to the sector and it has made me confident that change is possible. If we all work together as a network and collaborative partnership, the cultural sector can make society better.

Federico Buyolo, Cultural Director of the Ortega-Marañón Foundation, reflected that “events such as this one are important because they make us stronger and they remind us that together we have collective intelligence and the power to transform”.

One key outcome of the event was the creation of the Banco Sabadell Foundation’s very first “Guiding Coalition”, which will serve as a meeting point to forge closer ties within the community and to move towards an interconnected ecosystem. This initiative is part of our commitment to support culture and the arts, fostering creativity, knowledge and innovation.