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A TEMPO Seminars – linking education and art

As part of the Peak Season festival in Girona, we are promoting, together with the Fundació La Ciutat Invisible, the new project A TEMPO – Arts and training in order to link education and art. Activities during the event include the Training Seminar on diversity, the arts and training which will take place from 10th to 12th November at the Centre Cultural la Mercè.

All activities taking place on Friday will be open to the public, while the weekend sessions are more geared towards art professionals, experts and teachers in Pre-School and Primary Educational Centres or art schools, as well as artists and cultural managers linked to educational programmes.

The purpose of these seminars is to offer attendees tools with which to understand and take direct action relating to arts and cultural heritage in order to encourage learning, becoming involved with the community and social inclusion in educational projects aimed at cultural diversity. Another of the challenges is to promote more awareness of the cultural world of art, reflect upon the current situation of the arts in education and consider possible actions and approaches that can improve it.