‘Low cost prosthesis for children’, winner of the VI ‘Ideas+Innovadoras’ competition by Valencialab

The building of low cost prosthesis for children, a mobile music room and a citizen app are the winning projects of the sixth edition of the ‘Ideas+Innovadoras’ competition organised by Valencialab, Florida Universitària, with the collaboration of the Foundation, CEEI Valencia, Confederación Empresarial Valenciana (CEV) and Asociación Jóvenes Empresarios de Valencia (AJEV).

After looking at the ten final projects the judges have awarded first prize to Prótesis low cost de altas prestaciones para niños, an idea submitted by Angel González Fernández. His technical solution consists of a 3D scan of the patient’s leg, then printing this scan onto high performance mechanical materials with quality electronics which can be used again for different prosthesis. As the patient continues to grow, the 3D scan of the patient’s leg is repeated, and it will only be necessary to install the electronics of the previous prosthesis. The winner of the competition has been granted a scholarship to complete the Máster Oficial en Innovación y Desarrollo de Proyectos de Negocio offered by Florida Universitària.

The second innovative and award winning idea of this edition is the project ‘SONOLABmóvil’ by Antonio Sánchez Sánchez, a system which is comprised of pedagogical methods which takes musical education of the 21st century, with the help of technology, anywhere and everywhere, overcoming any limits that may be imposed by a music room. This methodology has led to the recording of a soundtrack created from scratch in the classroom, using microphones, tablets, apps and the sounds of objects and water being digitally transformed.

Winning third place in this competition is an app for citizens to use multimedia content to show the imperfections in cities, and to send these to the authorities. The app, presented by Hammada Saleh Moulud, connects citizens with public institutions, mainly town halls.