Classical music to achieve social change #YoRethinkLaClásica

The students from the first programme of Innovación Musical y Emprendimiento (Musical Entrepreneurship and Innovation) of the Escuela de Música Reina Sofía are taking to the stage to showcase their projects through concerts in which they want to show how classical musical can be used to achieve social change. The objective of this programme is to provide music students with the entrepreneurship skills and tools necessary to develop a career in the changing and competitive world of music. So, bringing classical musical closer to people, and giving it more presence in society, in order to promote our awareness and understanding of this type of music.

This Monday, 22nd May, a benefit concert was held in favour of the fight against school bullying. ‘Miradas’ is a project in which the students want to emphasise how music can be used a tool to move people’s spirits and human conscience.

On April 29 the concert ‘Partituras y Patrones’ was held in three rooms of the Museo del Traje in Madrid, which included the use of vintage pianos and clothes. On May 8th the students acted at the Vedruna school in the neighbourhood of Carabanchel to bring classical music into the classroom.

In the next few days the following concerts will be held:

Saturday 27 May, silent cinema with live music at the Escuela de Música Reina Sofía auditorium, and an outdoor family oriented concert ‘Mural-Concierto’ will be held at the Oriente plaza.

On Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st May ‘Conectando mundos’, folk music theatre, will be held at Hospital La Paz, with four performances for groups of students aged 11 and 12.