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INSIDE/OUTSIDE, the start of a new edition of the PHOTOALICANTE Festival

The fourth edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Photography PHOTOALICANTE is committed to innovation and the development of new creative spaces, and seeks to offer new experiences in the photography industry. This year, the festival brings you 17 exhibitions, 11 urban interventions, 6 workshops, 4 conferences and up to 13 other activities.

The theme of this year’s festival is Inside/Outside, with which it reflects on the relationship between photography and both public and private environments through different interpretations. It shows different types of reality expressed by the artist and the environment in which the artist works, which is always the first step in any creative process.

Vicente Guill Fuster

Photography in Alicante

The festival has different centres where you can get acquainted with different types of photography through various activities:

-Don’t miss the following exhibitions: José Maldonado in the Galería Aural; Carolina Diego ‘Ni siento, ni padezco’ in Centro 14; Miguel Sebastián ‘Colores primarios’ in El Claustro; Club Fotográfico de Alicante (Photography Club of Alicante) at the Centro Municipal de las Artes; ‘La creación del paisaje contemporáneo’ with Mar Sáez-Vera y Victoria at the Las Cigarreras Cultural Centre; and in the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art, amongst others.

– Don’t miss these urban interventions: Alberto de Pedro ‘Asegurada de incendios’ at the Tram Plaza station in Los Luceros; ‘Realmente bravo. Losing followers since forever’ in Las Cigarreras; and ‘Nada ocurre sin que haya una razón para ello’ by María Platero.

-Conferences: ‘Cruce de caminos entre la fotografía y la sociedad. Encuentro entre artistas de distintas disciplinas’ in the Alicante Univeristy Museum; ‘Códigos de valoración de la fotografía de autor’ in the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art.