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Interview: Talent and teamwork in the Formula Student

Coming from universities worldwide, up to 1,700 participants grouped into 68 teams filled the facilities at the circuit to race against each in single-seaters they have developed themselves over the past year. Following the competition, the jury made up of specialist technicians assesses the teams by measuring the design of the car, the technical and personnel organisation, the different onsite tests of the vehicles and, in general, everything that takes place within the setting of a Formula 1 team.

In this article you can read an interview with Guifré Vendrell, team leader of one of the teams, the Motorsport team of Universidad Técnica Superior of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona (ETSEIB ), which competed with an electric vehicle:


Formula Student Spain


For how may years have you been participating in the Formula Student Spain?

For 6 years, since the first edition, and at each one we expect better results so as to win one year.

Have you taken part in another Formula Student in Europe?

Yes, this year we also went to Germany but there have been years when we have participated in Italy, the Czech Republic and Great Britain at the Silverstone circuit.

What leads you to take part in this type of event?

Most teams are motivated by their passion for motorsport. We love racing and the atmosphere. When you start to take part in competitions the atmosphere is addictive because there’s a very good feeling among all the teams which help one another. It is a world that attracts us and you get hooked, You can’t just participate one year. The world of motoring is really addictive.


“Companies are increasingly acknowledging the formula student Spain for its excellence”


I suppose you give your curriculums to the sponsors of Formula Student Spain and they’re present at the circuit during the competition or , being the member of a team that develops a vehicle opens may doors with a view to a career?

Yes, companies are increasingly acknowledging Formula Student Spain for the experience it offers. In addition, we also note that compared to the other companions at university we have an added value that they don’t because we have faced real problems and companies notice this and perceive it during work interviews. Actually, even handing in a curriculum is sometimes unnecessary because the companies here come directly to us.