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5th edition of B-Value: a resounding success


B-Value, the programme that we promote together with Ship2B to drive forward the transformation of the Third Sector through innovation, has selected the organisations that will participate in its 5th edition. The aim of the programme is to help develop projects from a strategic standpoint, design new revenue models, deliver on value propositions and move away from traditional philanthropic schemes. Given the challenges caused by the Covid-19 crisis, in this edition, a decision was made to increase the number of places (usually 40), selecting 43 social organisations from across Spain.

In total, more than 150 applications were submitted for this 5th edition. Among the selected projects, the most represented areas of activity include employment, health, social services and education, among others. Moreover, the groups targeted by the projects include people with intellectual or physical disabilities, people living in poverty, immigrants, refugees and children, among many others.

Regional representation

In terms of the region of origin of the selected organisations, the autonomous communities with the most selected organisations are Catalonia, with 14, and Madrid with 12, followed by the Basque Country with 6, Andalusia and Aragon with 3 each, Galicia with 2 and the Canary Islands, Asturias and Navarre with 1 each.

The selected organisations will now begin the first phase of the programme, during which they will receive training on innovation and the development of self-sustainable social projects from leading professionals engaging in the third sector, social innovation and entrepreneurship.

10 finalists will then be selected for the second phase. These organisations will compete to receive financial aid from the Banco Sabadell Foundation and the Juan Entrecanales de Azcárate Foundation, as well as pro bono assistance, including a tailor-made consultancy service provided by the PwC Foundation, the design and development of a communication campaign with assistance from AFTERSHARE.TV, a consultancy session with Salto con Red and a pro bono marathon, to receive professional help from companies within the Hazloposible network.

Organisations selected for the 5th edition of B-Value

  • Catalonia: Acoes Catalunya, Associació Disminuïts Físics d’Osona, Asociación SUPerando, Associació Prevenció Suïcidi, Associació Verificat, FEDAIA, Fundación Oncología Infantil Enriqueta Villavecchia, Fundació Acció Social Infància, Fundació Privada Catalana Síndrome de Down, Fundació Privada Mas Albornà, Fundación Esclerosis Múltiple, INTEGRA: Associació per la Inclusió de Col·lectius de Risc, JocViu Associació and Open Cultural Center.
  • Madrid: AlfaSAAC, Asociación YouSocial Volunteer, Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado, Envera-Asociación de Empleados de Iberia Padres de Personas con Discapacidad, Federación Española de Párkinson, Fundación Acción Contra el Hambre, Fundación Creality, Fundación Esperanza y Alegría, Fundación para la Acción Social por la Música, Petales España, PSE por la Sonrisa de un Niño and Speak Madrid.
  • Basque Country: Agintzari SCIS, Asociación CEAR-Euskadi, Avifes-Asociación Vizcaína de Familiares y Personas con Enfermedad Mental, Bizipoz, Fundación Argia and Fundación EDE.
  • Andalusia: Asociación Española para los Efectos del Tratamiento del Cáncer, Fundación el Gancho Infantil and Fundación Universo Accesible.
  • Aragon: Asociación Aragonesa para la Conservación de la Biodiversidad desde el Valle del río Jalón, Asociación Reciclaje Tecnológico and Fundación Genes y Gentes.
  • Galicia: Asociación Diversidades and ONGD SenV
  • Asturias: Riquirraque Emaús.
  • Canary Islands: Social Innovation Cluster for Change.
  • Navarre: Nabut Navarra SLU.