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New video showing the talent of the Schubertiada Vilabertran!

From 18th August to 3rd September, the monastery of Santa María de Vilabertran will once again be the location of the Schubertiada, the festival that gives homage to Franz Schubert, and which has been confirmed as one of the key competitions in which young talents have a chance to prove themselves.

You can see some examples of these young talents in this video, created by the Banco Sabadell Foundation.


New events in the Schubertiada 2016

This year, in its 24th edition, the Schubertiada Vilabertran will include acts from potential young talents such as: Swiss tenor Mauro Peter, described as the perfect performer for Schubert’s La bella molinera, German soprano Anna Lucia Richter, who will perform to music played by pianist Michael Gees with a program fully dedicated to Schubert, and Daniel Kharitonov, who will play Schubert’s most demanding composition for piano, the Wanderer-Fantasie.

This year, the festival will also include a series of five feature films about Franz Schubert in the Filmoteca de Cataluña, from 6 to 11 September: In the presence of a clown (1997) directed by Ingmar Bergman; Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) directed by Woody Allen; Au hasard Balthazar (1966) directed by Robert Bresson; Death and the Maiden (1994) directed by Roman Polanski; and Sérénade (1939) directed by Jean Boyer.