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Philosophy and theatre productions

From 26 to 28 October we will be promoting, together with La Perla29 and La Maleta de Portbou, the first edition of ‘Escenas de filosofía y teatro’ (Philosophy and theatre productions). It is a series of events regarding the relationship between theatre and thought. It will take place at the Teatro Biblioteca in Catalonia.

The three-day event is structured in three separate acts, during which the relationship between thought and theatre will be explored and connected through conferences and dialogues involving contemporary thinkers who will form the core of this exercise of reflection. Short theatre performances related to the content proposed by authors will also be organised. Furthermore, during Café Filo, chats will take place with the speakers and other authors, alternating between the other scheduled activities.

More details about the schedule:

-Thursday 26th: inaugural conference about theatre and the transformation of public spaces, given by Jean-Guy Lecat, a scenographer for Peter Brook, and the performance ‘Un obús al cor’, by Wajdi Mouawad.

-Friday 27th: a production about the creation of scenic fiction, by Oriol Broggi, based on written work by Txèkhov, Chaplin, Fellini and Borges; conversation between Jose Luís Moreno Pestaña and Remedios Zafra on the scenography of the subject.

-Saturday 28th: different productions by Oriol Broggi and Ferran Utzet; conversations between Andrés Barba and Antonio Monegal about the transformation of the body; conference given by José María Ridao about theatre as a mirror of society.