Starting from today, together with Ship2B, we are launching a transformation program for innovative social institutions

B-Value ‘Transform your social institution to face the challenges of the XXI century’, starting today in Barcelona and tomorrow in Madrid.

Fundación Ship2B together with Banco Sabadell Foundation are launching B-Value, a transformation program for not for profit social institutions who have an innovative project which they would like to implement from scratch, or rethink. The aim of this new initiative is to help the institutions to define their value proposals and business models with a social impact, to improve their communication and establish strategic alliances with a shared value, to ensure that they are social organisations which are more innovative and evolve towards new models of sustainability.

Today, the program is being presented in Barcelona, at the Cibernàrium (MediaTIC building in Barcelona), with the intervention of different social institutions such as Taula del Tercer Sector, Esclatec, and Fundación Step by Step.  All of these institutions will take part in the discussion “Transforming social institutions”


Tomorrow, Friday, the program will be presented in Madrid, in the Auditorio de Banco Sabadell (Serrano 71), where institutions such as Asociación Española de Fundaciones, la Fundación Balia and Fundación Tomillo will be participating.

Stages of B-Value

The call opens in November and those selected will participate in an online phase between January and April 2017, after which the judges will select 10 finalists with whom they will work closely with during an intensive and on-site week in Barcelona from May to June. Lastly, the finalists will receive support to launch a crowd funding campaign which will allow them to share and validate their proposal.

Who is B-Value aimed at?

The programme is looking for not for profit institutions throughout Spain, whether they are associations or foundations, they must be involved in helping any type of disadvantaged group in any area. They must be able to spend time on improving their value proposal, and have a preliminary idea of the project they would like to work on.