Culture, tourism, fashion… and a lot of creativity in the second edition of #ProgramaExperto

For the second consecutive year Banco Sabadell Foundation, together with Factoría Cultural, is hosting a series of conferences delivered by professionals in different fields related to their experience and impressions on topics such as culture, creativity, art and communication…

The talks will be held every Thursday at 19:30 at Matadero Madrid They can also be followed via streaming on the Factoría Cultural website. The program will end on June 30th 2016.

Throughout these months conferences have been given by professionals such as Antonio López de Ávila, Chairman of SEGITTUR, who gave the lecture on ‘Tecnología, turismo y cultura. El poder transformador del emprendedor’ [‘Technology, tourism and culture. The transformative power of entrepreneurs’], who on April 28th discussed culture and tourism, two strong topics in Spain, according to López de Ávila.


If you missed the conference and wish to watch it, the full video is attached below:

Another of the novelties in this second edition is fashion, the conference that Leyre Valiente, fashion designer, gave on April 21st, titled ‘La mujer orquesta: cómo ser autónoma y no morir en el intento’ [The female orquestra: how to be self-employed and not die in the attempt’]. The designer confirmed that ‘hard work, following your instinct, knowing your weaknesses and improving them’ are part of the keys to success.



The following conferences will also be held in May: