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‘Correspondence’, dialogues which reflect on printed and online photography.

La Fundación Foto Colectania is hosting the second edition of Correspondence, an online programme which aims to reflect on the relevance of photography in contemporary visual culture from a historical perspective.

During 2017 the topic of ‘Photography: In print, online’ will be explored through two conversations that will be held over two months, in which two experts will develop a digital dialogue (more information can be found on the Foto Colectania website), thus achieving a “paused” dialogue, whilst simulating an old method of correspondence, in which there was a lapse in the time between receiving a letter, and replying to it.

Until July, Fred Richin, author of the essay ‘Después de la fotografía’ (after photography) on the evolution of photography in the digital era, and Nathan Jurgenson, co-founder of the international conferences ‘Theorising the web’ will both be participating in this new edition. And from October, Marta Gili, Director of the photography centre Jeu de Paume de Paris, and the art historian and French essayist Georges Didi-Huberman, recognised as one of the benchmarks in image theory.