#ConLaCultura – ‘World Press Photo 2018’, ‘Against the tide’ at IVAM, and Seville Book Fair.

#VerParaEntender, the best of photojournalism at World Press Photo 2018

137 photographs take us on a journey through the eyes of photojournalists. The Centro de Cultura de Contemporáneo de Barcelona (CCCB) is hosting the most prestigious photojournalism exhibition in the world World Press Photo 2018which is coming to Barcelona on 27 May, in collaboration with Photographic Social Vision. The winning photograph of this 61st edition is by Venezuelan Ronaldo Schemidt, author of ‘Venezuela crisis’ a photograph of a young person running, engulfed in flames from a molotov cocktail, in a disturbance in Caracas.

IVAM brings together half a century of Valencian female artists

The new exhibition ‘Against the hide’ held by Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM) takes us on a journey through the works created by Valencian female artists between 1929-1980 to give visibility to these daring and brave women who fought against moral and artistic conservatism”. This exhibition recreates the difficult path which Valencian female artists were forced to travel down, from the end of the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, the Second Republic, Civil War, Francisco Franco dictatorship and the Transition, to gain more visibility and carve out their professional careers in a very unfavourable social context.

This exhibition includes 240 works created by female artists which including painting, photography, sculpting or architecture, in which a total of forty artists have participated, such as Carmen Calvo, Manuela Ballester, Eva Mus, Ángela García or Ana Torralva, amongst others.

Seville Book Fair 2018

Until 13 May, the stands in Plaza Nueva Seville will be home to hundreds of book signings and more than 200 activities including presentations, discussions, shows, children’s storytelling, as well as activities apt for all types of readers who seek to offer a critical and constructive vision of gender equality. For another year, we are collaborating with Fundación Lara in the schedule of activities programmed for the Feria del Libro, especially in the discussion on 10 May: ‘¿Qué pasa en el mundo’? (what is happening in the world?) which will be attended by Mabel Mata (presenter and editor of information programmes on Canal Sur TV), Pedro Baños (military, expert in geopolitics, and author of ‘Así se domina el mundo’), Ramón Lobo (journalist and author of ‘Cuadernos de Kabul’) and Antonio Pampliega (journalist and author of ‘En la oscuridad. Diez meses secuestrado por Al Qaeda en Siria’).