#ConLaCultura – ‘Ritmo’ summer festival ADDA, ‘Black Light’ at CCCB and ‘Annette Messager. Púdico – Público’ at IVAM

‘Ritmo’, ADDA music festival

From 4th-28th July, jazz, flamenco, world music and classic music artists shall jump onto the ADDA Alicante stage at the ‘Ritmo’ summer festival. The festival will end on 28th July with the PROMS symphonic orchestra, celebrating music from throughout the season, as well as being a solidarity event.

You can consult the full schedule of events by clicking here.

#LuzNegra, secret artistic traditions since the 50’s

‘La luz negra’ (black light) is an exhibition which takes a look at the influence of different secret traditions on contemporary art from the 50’s up until now. You can visit it at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB) until 21st October.

It showcases the works of 350 artists as diverse as Antoni Tàpies, Agnes Martin, Henri Michaux, Joseph Beuys, Ulla von Brandenburg, William S. Burroughs, Joan Jonas, Jordan Belson, Goshka Macuga, Kenneth Anger, Rudolf Steiner, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Francesco Clemente and Zush.

IVAM compiles works by Annette Messager

In the exhibition “Annette Messager”. Púdico – Público’ at the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM) it is possible to see how Messager, who belongs to a generation of artists who took on the requirement to create different languages to identify ourselves, language used on the fringes of the patriarchy, uses daily objects which have traditionally been considered to hold little value, to transform their uses and our associated feelings, creating ensembles, installations or photographs in which items which are traditionally associated with feminine objects, such as wool, material, rope or teddy bears can be combined with other very different objects.