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Art and technology at the ‘Museos y Videojuegos’ course at Thyssen

The summer courses at Thyssen have kicked off with ‘Museos y Videojuegos’ (Museums and Video Games), from today until Friday 14 July, aimed at museum educators, university students and adults with the objective of combining art and technology to showcase the aspects related to the industrial culture of videogames

For decades videogames have captivated and inspired many people thanks to their narrative and design, leading to a large number of followers. This has led to the gamer world being studied and analysed as if it were a cultural and artistic work in museums and art centres, generating a significant debate between specialists and different cultural sectors. This course aims to open up the debate as to whether museum could be the perfect space to experiment with videogames, converting them into an ideal space to break conventional structures and to promote, via new platforms, collective and enriching experiences.


More information about the course schedule:

Monday 10 July

10:30 h. Museos y videojuegos

Rufino Ferreras. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

12:00 h. Paisajes radiantes. Imagen, videojuego y co-creación

Abelardo Gil-Fournier. Artist and researcher

16:00 h. Worskhop: Los juegos de mesa aplicados al conocimiento artístico (I)

Daniel Sánchez. Project manager, senior designer at Gammera Nest


Tuesday 11 July

10:00 h. Arte, juego y videojuego. Del píxel de Malévich a la Realidad Virtual

Jorge Fernández. Writer and researcher

12:00 h. Cine y videojuegos: un diálogo transversal. La influencia narrativa en el género de terror

José María Villalobos. Head of gaming at FNAC Seville

16:00 h. Workshop: Los juegos de mesa aplicados al conocimiento artístico (I)

Daniel Sánchez. Project manager, senior designer at Gammera Nest


Wednesday 12 July

10:00 h. Cartografiar universos digitales vertebrados por el arte y la cultura

Ana Gómez. Art historian and documentalist

12:00 h. Special conference open to all participants

16:00 h. Visit: Nubla en el Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

Desarrollan: Rufino Ferreras y Salvador Martín. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum


Wednesday 13 July

10:00 h. Discussion: El proceso creativo como método de aprendizaje

Clara Harguindey, Gabriel Jiménez y Salvador Martín. Equipo Nubla

10:45 h. El museo y los nuevos públicos. El videojuego como nuevo recurso de comunicación

Daniel Sánchez. Project manager, senior designer at Gammera Nest

12:00 h. Caso Realidad Virtual Sony PlayStation. Un cambio de paradigma/PlayStation Talents

Roberto Yeste. Senior new business director en PlayStation Iberia

16:00 h. Los videojuegos y su percepción social y artística. Discussion panel led by Santiago Bustamante. Director and presenter of the ‘Fallo de sistema’ programme on RADIO 3


Friday 14 July

10:00 h. Juego, tecnología, teatro y sociedad

Mónica Rikić

12:00 h. Clausura y entrega de diplomas