‘Serenates’, the festival of Valencian music kicks off

The summer music festival Serenates is specially dedicated to music, mainly composed and interpreted by Valencian musicians. During almost a month the cloister of the University of Valencia’s historic building will be transformed into the venue for the promotion of Valencian groups.

In this twenty ninth edition, the festival has increased the number of performances to 15, with the participation of 739 performers (of which 644 are from Valencia), 250 more artists than in the previous edition, of which 518 are young talented people.

Upcoming concerts

-29th and 30th July: Orfeón of the University of Valencia and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Valencia. As the close of its 20th anniversary, the Orchestra presents the audiovisual show ‘The seventh stop: musical travel between cultures in 7 movements’’.

-1st July: Estil Concertant with soprano Isabel Monar, transverse flute Marisa Esparza and fortepiano Silvia Márquez, will interpret ‘Mozart and Martín i Soler, Vidas Paralelas [Parallel Lives]’. This Valencian group, which specialises in the interpretation of barroque and classical music, will perform of arias by Mozart and Martin Soler.


-2nd July: Leioa Kantika Korala, hailing from the Basque Country, this young choir, directed by Basilio Astulez, one of the most recognised names in musical pedagogy, will interpret ‘Caelum et terra’.

-3rd July: Orfeón of the University of Valencia will present for the very first time ‘Ad urbe condita’ by Ramon Pastor and ‘Eroticitats’ by Pau de Luis.

-4th July: the Generalitat Valenciana Choir, directed by Francesc Perales, will interpret ‘Poesía en el corazón [Poetry to the heart]: from Tirant to the generation of 27’, with acapella musical poems based on amorous themes.

-5th July: Jordi Savall will perform ‘Le reveuse’ [The Dreamer] to the style of Marin and Mr. De Sainte-Colombe.


-6th July: Orchestra of Valencia will perform a benefit concert, in which the participation of young talented people will be one of the highlights.

-7th July: Colectivo Mortero performs the show ‘La pell possible’ an interdisciplinary poetry, music, dramatisation and imagery project, with poets such as Ausiàs Marc, Vicent Andrés Estellés, Marc Granell, Manuel Asensi, Begonya Pozo and Lola Andrés.

-8th July: Tornejants and Muixeranga de Algemesí

-9th July: Urbalia Rurana

-10th July: Young Symphonic Band of the FSMCV with flamenco singer Pep el Butifarra