Schedule for weekend of 9 September: cultural events in Alicante, Barcelona and Girona

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the last day to view the photography exhibition ‘Vivian Maier. In Her Own Hands’ at the FotoColectania headquarters in Barcelona.

Maier_038, 5/3/13, 6:43 PM, 16C, 5732x6036 (154+883), 100%, Custom, 1/60 s, R43.0, G14.7, B28.4

Tomorrow also marks the first day of the 9th edition of the Xavier Miserachs Biennial of Photography. Until 9 October, you will be able to view 14 exhibitions located in different public and private spaces in Palafrugell, in Girona. It is a journey through the photography of the Miserachs generation, and there are also other activities in parallel such as conferences and screenings.


Joana Biarnés. Archivo Joana Biarnés.

The third event is being held in Xixona, Alicante, with the recently inaugurated exhibition ‘Stone Guardians. Castles of Alicante’ which you can visit in MARQ until 30 October. This is a walking exhibition that invites you to travel through the province of Alicante in search of the stone guardians, looking for the monuments that have impressed us the most.


The last cultural event for this weekend is Art<35 Banco Sabadell 2016 at the Sala Parés in Barcelona. You can already see the work of these 10 young artists younger than 35.