‘A TEMPO – Artes y formación’ a project which supports the world of culture and education.

As part of the Temporada Alta festival in Girona, which will be celebrated between October 11 and December 10, hosted together with Fundació La Ciutat Invisible, this new project ‘A TEMPO – Artes y formación’ has the objective of creating and promoting spaces for interaction between young people, students, education professionals and art and culture professionals. To do so, a series of different activities have been designed, aimed at all of these people. With this project the festival is strengthening its commitment to the world of education through culture.

This initiative brings two crucial sectors closer together. On one hand, creative artists and art professionals look for ways of working closer with the teachers and training centres, and on the other hand, to educators and management teams who are looking to connect with culture.

More information about the activities:

-Seminar for professionals from 10-12 November with the objective of swapping experiences with art professionals to strengthen the connection and access to the cultural environment.

– Activities for schools in Salt and Girona: free theatrical performances on current topics which will take place in education centres; educational capsules at schools thanks to the artists from Temporada Alta, where they will work on areas such as physical education, art, social and cultural topics; a classroom full of artists where the students will be responsible for preparing a show with the support and collaboration of professionals.