Steps towards social inclusion

The Transpirenaica Social Solidaria (TSS) has trekked across the Pyrenees to convey the values of sport as a tool for awareness-raising, social union and social cohesion, creating a charity network that will help young people taking part in the project who are at risk of social exclusion to find employment and become socially integrated.

  • 800km, 300 youths and over 200 volunteers and social instructors have taken part in this year’s fifth edition.

“The road doesn’t end with the Trans-Pyrenees Crossing, it’s where it begins”

Shahid Ashraf, TSS ambassador and youth coordinator.

“Sharing experiences and empathising with people who, in most cases, are in a vulnerable situation, changes their lives and the life of those of us who help them, showcasing the value of teamwork and solidarity”

Dani Molina, Banco Sabadell volunteer.