1st Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Sciences and Engineering

The Banco Sabadell Foundation gave out its 1st Award for Sciences and Engineering, in cooperation with BIST (Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology) to strengthen the recognition of young researchers resident in Spain in a number of disciplines including mathematics, chemistry, physics and engineering.

  • The award recognises career paths to encourage, discover and develop talent.
  • The physicist Dr Romain Quidant was awarded for his work in the field of nanophotonics, including his optical nano-tweezers which allow tiny particles like molecules and viruses to be trapped and moved without altering them, a breakthrough which could prove to be extremely valuable in biomedicine.

“An award like this one is a way of bringing scientists closer to society”

Romain Quidant, winner of the first Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Sciences and Engineering.